A long time coming

After years of going back and forth on whether to create a blog and whether anyone would have any interest in it, I am finally taking the leap! My main reason for wanting to begin a blog is twofold; expressing to the world my creative thoughts and visions and connecting with other creatives and like-minded individuals. Additionally, it would be a great outlet to discover what creations of mine resonate with what kinds of folks..So here goes!!

To begin I should probably start by giving you a little background on me. I am born and raised in North Carolina, one of four kids and grew up in a creative environment. My maternal grandfather became an amazing painter, thanks to Bob Ross, after retirement and as a child I was enamored by his artwork. I do not recall this anecdote, but I have been told more than a few times that during a visit to Nan and Pops house one summer on Long Island, I tried my hand at painting. Pop had been working all day on a painting and stepped out for a moment which led me to take the opportunity to ‘help him out’ a bit and add to the painting. The story goes, as you could imagine, that when he came back in to find the painting ‘helped along’, he was not a happy camper (because what artist would be?!?) but who could really be upset at their 4-year-old granddaughter trying to save you some time, right?! Never the less, my interest in art and design has been with me since the beginning. 

In addition to being exposed to portrait and landscape painting at such an early age, my mother has always had a strong interest and appreciation for the arts. Whether it is a physical piece of artwork, a gorgeous vintage fabric, a piano score, poem or live play, Mom was there to introduce us to it. At five I took up piano lessons but was not quite interested in it as all I wanted to do was play outside and create art! Once the ripe old age of nine rolled around, I decided to try my hand at piano again and fell in love. I played piano for the next decade until I went to college. During my tenure as a piano student, I also pursued tap and jazz lessons which I also continued until college. 

Once the time for college rolled around I began to ponder what to do with my life as do most teenagers do. Thinking of nothing other than following my passion, I made the decision to attend East Carolina University because they have an amazing art department. As my father likes do be the first to everything, he required my applying early (September of senior year!) and in four days I was accepted. This turned out well because for the remainder of the year I did not have to stress over where I was going to be the following fall like everyone else.

Fall 2001 rolled around and off to ECU I go! I spent a year and half in Greenville and had a wonderful time but life happens and my course rerouted. My mother, my best friend in the entire world, was diagnosed with cancer so I made the decision to come back to Raleigh to be with her. The news of my mom having cancer was a hard thing to handle. I could not imagine life without her. I moved home January of 2003 and took one semester off to help out and figure out what my next move with school would be. While working full-time and helping mom I realized that I did not want to leave her so I would have to attend college in Raleigh. My options were a community college, Peace College, Meredith or NC State. I applied to the design school at NC State and unfortunately was not accepted..big blow. The following three semesters I took classes at the local community college and decided to apply to Meredith College, a private, all women’s school in Raleigh. 

Once I completed my bachelor of graphic design with a minor in photography I held a position as the sole designer and assistant photographer at an upscale photography studio. I spent just under four years there and learned so much in the ways of business, entrepreneurship, photography and design. 

My exit from the photo studio was due to my being accepted to NC State College of Textiles to pursue my masters. With a lifelong love of fabric, I began my degree at the College of Textiles, rendering one of the best decisions I’ever made. While at NC State I gained a wealth of knowledge, insight and creative ability.

Since graduation I pursued a position as a knit product designer and developer for the bedding industry where I create three layer knitted fabrics for top of bed, specifically mattresses. I bet you  have never heard of that job, eh?? Someone who design fabrics for mattresses?? Ha, nor had I but someones gotta do it, right?! It was a funny thing, an individual obsessed with color, pattern and texture ending up designing for mostly white fabrics! It has been an interesting and challenging road as the position is very much so a technical knit designer and my brain, at its core, is every bit creative and not technical.

So having tried to par down my entire life into a couple of pages and blabbed your heads off I’ll be on my way for now. I think that provided some good insight into who I am. There will be plenty more where that came from. 

Talk to you soon!


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”  So GET CREATIVE!!             – George Bernard Shaw (and me)

PS: This is a creative blog which it does not seem like with the lack of imagery today but do not fear, there will be plenty of color, texture and pattern soon!!