Is everyone texture obsessed?!?

The 2019 Las Vegas Winter Home Furnishings Market showcased a plethora of new trends for the coming years. A major trend, both visual and tactile, gracing many showrooms at market was the use of texture. Several showrooms across all product categories featured some component of texture within their merchandise line. Let’s take a look.

Major Textural Trend 1: Tailoring as a textural element

A big trend in the furniture realm currently is the use of quilting on the textiles applied to the furniture piece. Largely the fabrics being quilted are plain, solid colors – with an emphasis on pile fabrics – that showcase the stitch lines of the quilting driving them into the spotlight as the star of the show. The stitch lines further go on and create an overall texture to the piece. Tufting is another use of tailoring as a textural element widely shown at market. 

Solid colors took center stage as the emphasis was focused more on the tailoring and fit of the pieces rather than the aesthetics of the fabric prints.

An interesting display of tailoring as a design element is the large presence of multidirectional quilting applied to solid color textiles. The most intriguing element of quilting and/or tufting a solid fabric is the depth and interest it creates; it takes a solid fabric and breathes a new life into it elevating the overall appearance. 

Decorative pillows also showcased a heavy use of quilting – and pleating – as a design element to imply texture.

Major Textural Trend 2: All things metallic

Texture also graced the soft goods and accessories showrooms at market. Going beyond the basic texture of the cloth to a more visual than tactile bid is the use of metallic applications. Foiling and screen-printing metallics on soft goods were highly present at market. Reflective foiling juxtaposed with soft or fuzzy textiles creates a visual contradiction creating depth and interest. We have seen the resurgence of metallics over the past few markets but with this winter market most all showrooms embraced some element of metal as a textural component. 

Metallics, in general, are also a major blanketing trend in the marketplace so I will be focusing an entire blog post on bling in the home soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Major Textural Trend 3: Bring on the pile!

Pile fabrics are in; there is no doubt about that! Everywhere you look you see pile fabrics featured. Most are void of any print or design which requires the fabric to really take center stage. The pile heights of the fabrics ranged from low pile height like velvets to shaggy long fibers like flokatis. Bedding fabrics and accessories seemed to focus more on longer plush looking fibers and the furniture goods really kept it clean with short pile height and solid colors to move the focus to the tailoring of the piece. 

Many people may think of velvets and pile fabrics as a thing of the past with a garish aesthetic, but velvets and pile fabrics can absolutely be presented as clean and fresh looking depending on the execution of the piece. I think everyone one can find something made of a pile fabric that really speaks to them, it is just a matter of finding that gem!

Major Textural Trend 4: Au Natural 

Wood of all kinds graced many furniture showrooms at market. The focus spread across an array of different woods with assorted grain. Woodgrain forms a design unto itself creating an overall texture with a lot of movement.  In addition to many varieties of wood, there were a lot of bamboo and wicker embellishments and products as well.

Within the product offerings in furniture showrooms, an underlying theme seemed to be an exposed, almost skeletal, framework on many pieces. This exposed framework focuses more on the design of the wood or metal structure that built it than a textile laid over it.

In the accessories realm, there was a large presence of wood in addition to stone and marble creating texture due to their inherent properties.

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