I’m baaack! Also, what a crazy year!?!

Good morning Creatives!

Quite some time has passed since I have written a blog post and so many things have happened! The world was turned upside down as a global pandemic hit us January 2020 and by April, we were all sitting at home…quarantined. It was like a midcentury, dystopian novel. We could not leave our homes aside from absolute necessities, mandated to wear masks in public and stay 6 feet from people, everything was shut down; no gym, no retail, no parks, no classes, no restaurants, no bars. The streets were desolate, curfews set in place, millions of people laid off, massive unrest, no global trade. The world came to an absolute standstill.

I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time. I had always lived in the suburbs and South End was my first time living in the city, minutes from everything. The train was two blocks away and anything I wanted to do was right outside my front door. Charlotte holds a special place in my heart. As you will find out, I am writing this post from Raleigh, but will make it back to you someday, Charlotte.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic came the loss of my job in March 2020 and the universe provided me nine months of time to myself to create. There were times that it was not very easy given the state of the world, not having a job and being at home all day everyday but I tried to force myself to create something most days. I am so grateful for this time.

I have been creating since I was about four years old. In my youth, my art was very focused on painting and drawing-based media, but it has evolved and compounded over the years. In college I focused on photography and print design (and majored in it) so during those years my art became heavily photographic. My final semester in college I took a surface design studio and fell in love and my art took a turn that is still very evident today. I became so passionate about fabrics and surface design that I completed my Masters of Textiles at NC State and have been a knit product developer for the last 6 years.

Currently, my art is simply a fusion of all the years and different techniques that I have practiced and embraced.

Here’s to showing you some really cool art!