VIVA Las Vegas Market!!

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As I may have mentioned before I am building an empire. I believe people in my life may think that I am delusional when I say this but I know deep down (and always have) that I was put on this earth to do great things. As a child, and ever since, I have always said that I will be famous; people will know the name Kathleen Kelly. In my youth, I was not quite sure what this meant but as I grew, gained knowledge and began to recognize my talents and abilities, I realized that it was through these talents that I would become a household name. I feel it in my gut and know it will come to fruition regardless of how long it takes.

Most people think of fame as a movie star or pro athlete but my calling to fame is different. Exactly what I mean when I say I will become famous is this; my designs will eventually grace the surface of all kinds of products. My aesthetic is quite unique and I believe will bring a lot of joy to peoples lives. I simply strive to make the world a more colorful and exciting place through the creation of my designs. My art can be applied to myriad products from home decor, textiles and stationary to accessories, footwear and apparel.

All that said, I am currently en route, amongst the clouds, to Las Vegas Furniture Market, one of my favorite places in the world!! I have always had a passion for art but also for everything related to the home. At five years old I was going to fabric stores with my mom, helping her pick out fabrics for new projects. A love for art, fabric and home furnishings courses through my veins.

I am fortunate that my day job affords me the ability to attend such amazing trade shows. It is awesome to be one of the first to see what the upcoming colors and trends are in industry for the coming years.

LVMKT, as us industry folks refer to it, is held amongst three fifteen story buildings and four open air tents. There are 45 floors of everything home furnishings in addition to outlying showrooms and temporary tent spaces for your very need! It is THE one stop shop for anything you need to create your perfect space, whether an office, bedroom, studio or kitchen!

Having minored in photography and pursued a photographic career for four years subsequent to school, I love to take pictures and truly take thousands while at market. My time will be very limited as I have many client meetings and engagements but I will try and post at least a small sneak peek while at market. Once I return home to NC Thursday, I will post a few posts, mostly photographic, of all of the colors and trends that I spotted while at market.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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