Kathleen Kelly is a Charlotte, North Carolina based artist and designer creating contemporary digital artscapes. She focuses on a fusion of hand crafted collaging and digital imaging to create high impact pieces exploding with color and texture.

Her artistic career began at a young age when her mother placed her into art classes at the community art center. Throughout childhood and teenage years, her art was heavily drawing based experimenting with assorted media. During her undergraduate studies, Kathleen discovered her love of photography leading to several years focusing on photography and photographic studies. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, minoring in photography, and went on to pursue a position as the sole designer and assistant photographer for an upscale photography studio. 

With a lifelong love of fabric, she began her master’s degree at the North Carolina State University College of Textiles. While at NC State Kathleen gained a wealth of knowledge, insight and creative ability. During her tenure she received accolades including the honor of designing the Pack Plaid, the official North Carolina State University Tartan registered with the Scottish Registry of Tartan. Subsequent to graduating Kathleen pursued a career in knit product development designing fabrics and products for the global bedding industry. As a freelance designer since 2007, Kathleen has used her creative abilities to generate income while further developing her profession and craft. In 2018 she debuted as an exhibitor at Surtex, an international art and design licensing show with hopes of making the move into licensing art commercially.

Currently, Kathleen’s art is an observation and analysis of visual impact. How do texture, color, level of detail and composition effect space and the perception thereof? Her creations begin as hand crafted collages incorporating materials from pen, paint and ink to newsprint, photography and scanned matter. The initial collage captures the overall composition and, when complete, is digitized for further work through her unique digital imagination. The results are large-scale digital artscapes exploding with color, energy and depth